About Klub Kalinski

Are you looking for a designer piece which matches your individual interior taste?

KLUB KALINSKI was founded out of a love for good form and craftsmanship in the production of functional objects. Furniture is a lifelong companion and, when placed in a space, creates communication. They communicate a variety of contents and emotions, from the sense of life to the sense of style and the values of the inhabitant. Our first product, THE KALINSKI KUBE, is intended to convey values and lifestyle through design and quality. In short, THE KALINSKI KUBE should contribute to communication and cheerfulness in the room.

The KALINSKI KUBE is a handmade designer piece of furniture made of high-quality ceramic tiles, which is manufactured in our in-house factory in Germany with a lot of time and effort. Our motto: local handcraft instead of mass production with long production routes. Sustainability and longevity instead of throwaway culture and chasing short-lived trends.

The KALINSKI KUBES come in many bright colors that you can perfectly match to the desired atmosphere in your room. The distinctive shape and striking design make the KALINSKI KUBE a real eye-catcher and an essential accessory for your home. Whether as an eye-catcher in the living room, a stylish statement in the bedroom, or a practical shelf in the office, set a design statement that fits any interior style.